Santa’s Little Helper

14 Dec

I have bitten off a lot this year and racing to the finish line. Not only am I making six handmade knit/crochet projects. Are they easy? Oh, no. I have a pair of socks, a shawl and a six-foot blanket on my docket. Yes, all that and more, and I’ve finished 2.5 of them. It would be 3, but I’ve been tinkering. I have like a week and a half left, right? No problem!

Well, it gets better. On my list are about 50 handmade Christmas cards. Yep, FIFTY! I have about half of them done. Will I get to the full count? Probably not.

But oddly enough, other than adrenaline stress, I’m not freaking out. What will get done, will get done and those who get – BE GRATEFUL!

So, if you’re making holiday items enjoy it. It’s ok if they don’t work out, it’s ok if they’re not perfect. The gift of yarn is awesome – tell them it’s an investment for their mental health future and to take up yarn crafting.

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One Response to “Santa’s Little Helper”

  1. Nancy Burk December 14, 2012 at 10:39 AM #

    Amen! love the video…………Merry Christmas and Happy Yarn-full New Year! nancyb

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