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Yarn Pilgrimage to Space!

16 Apr

Hello again my fellow addicts,
I’m finally sitting down to write part two of my yarn-filled Easters (yes, it’s spelled plural). On Good Friday, I was in Silver Spring, MD, hanging out with a friend and I just HAD to go to to Fibre Space in Alexandria, VA (no, I really didn’t go to space but this is about yarn, just keep reading).

Fibre Space – the next frontier! Copyrightr

I first heard about this wonderful yarn store in August 2011, when I contacted Neighborhood Fibre Co. looking for the Penthouse Silk Fingering Yarn in Kalorama Circle. She was out of the yarn I was looking for to make a patternand suggested I try this shop. Well, at the time I was living in Houston, TX and sad I couldn’t go check out this wonderfully hip-looking yarn store. After moving up to the East Coast, I still hadn’t gotten around to visiting until this Easter weekend. WHAT A GREAT TRIP!!! Technically I traveled 4.5 hours to get there and I would do it again!

The drive down the George Washington Memorial Parkway is gorgeous this time of year with all the blossoms, the potomac and historic buildings. Finding parking wasn’t too bad in the middle of the day. I parked about a block away and paid the maximum two hour limit (less than $4.00).

A shop with a view. Copyright

Yarn wall I could stare at for hours – and kinda did… Copyright 

The shop is quite bright, homey and hip. I love how the yarn is divided with great accent furniture pieces on worn hardwood floors. I especially liked seeing the little canine “workers” in the store as well – being a dog lover it’s nice to see such a great shop as a welcome atmosphere for the four-legged crafters. Looking through their stock was really easy, everything is broken down by fiber weight, in order, with easy to read signs at the top of each section. I was so excited I actually forgot to take my own pictures of the shop – and I didn’t want to look like a creeper – so I have posted some of the shop photos from the website. They are very true to the shop view – awesomeness is not falsely represented.

There’s a great seating section where you can sit, knit and talk to other shop visitors. I was able to help out a new knitter who was a little lost and the shop was overflowing with yarn addicts. It was fun just sitting and feeling the creative juices from the shop and enjoy the helpful employees.


I went in looking not only for the Neighborhood Fibrer Co. Penthouse Silk but also for Madelintosh DK in Grasshopper -

The Spoils!

unfortunately, they didn’t have what I was looking for in stock, but that didn’t stop me from finding some other great fibre purchases!

I was able to put on order the Neighborhood Fiber Co. silk I wanted. I was pleased to find out that when it comes in and I can’t make the trip, they are able to ship it to me for about $5!

I love visiting esteemed yarn shops and this was no exception. I can’t wait to go back to visit and if you’re ever in the D.C. area, you shouldn’t hesitate to visit!

Playing with my new treasures,
-Stacy C.

It was a Scary YarnFix Moment

27 Mar

It’s Spring Semester and nearly the end of the year. We are certainly feeling it at work and last week was ROUGH. I started off the week with a super cute haircut and was feeling pretty good about the week; however, things got rough quickly.

Super Cute Haircut

I was deflated about a critique on a great event; a co-worker left suddenly and I was called in to work Saturday; I filled in for her absence and did my work as well; was faced with a dead squirrel as first order of business on Friday; and had to work late Friday then come back Saturday morning.

In the midst of all this craziness, I decided Thursday night, when I had 30 minutes to spare between work, Jaci and Bible Study, I was going to use a Lenten “pass” and get yarn for my super cute Easter Cloche crochet hat project. I mean, look at it, how could it not be amazing?!

Well, the therapy trip was kind of a disaster, as Susann can tell you. I was on the phone with her super excited that Stitch Nation Yarns were on super sale in the clearance section of the store. This was the yarn that I needed t o get for my cloche, great, I can hit this sale, and then get the color I want in the regular price section – WRONG! This great gift was just another punch in the gut. The store (AC Moore) is no longer carrying the line of yarns. Hence, they didn’t have my color! I was beside myself, they didn’t carry much wool, I couldn’t find the color I wanted with what they did have – WHY?! It was like the overstressed lady who went to get olives at the store and couldn’t find the right ones, then she has a breakdown in the aisle. I didn’t have a complete breakdown by consoling myself with carrying the sale yarns to the checkout. The soft fluffiness of super sales was a soothing balm. Poor Susan was on the phone talking to me trying to come up with ideas and I was just getting more and more panicked. I still chuckle at the, “uh, oh, um, where are you? I really don’t know what to do right now. Are there other yarns there? Look at the yarns!” from Susann’s voice in my ear while I was prowling the aisles. I eventually decided on Pattons Classic Yarn – a sturdy back up.

But the drama wasn’t just from the week I was having, it was what I’ve already gone through to make this project happen. My yarn obsession is alive and well even in crochet.

© Crochet Today!

I saw this Fine Feathered Cloche pattern on while looking for a cute cloche pattern (due to the cute new hair cut) for Easter. I just kept coming back to this pattern, then decided I was going to make it and realized it came from a magazine issue two years ago! What was I going to do?! Well, I looked everywhere and could only find it for $14 – not gonna happen for one pattern. I was able to find a .pdf preview of it (never you mind how) and was able to blow up the .pdf on my computer and take pictures on my iPhone – that is DIY in a technology age.

I have the pattern, partway there, right? Wrong again! (No one’s gonna win this guessing game.) I didn’t have the white wool, I thought I did, but it was more of a tweed color – thanks yarn stash, for NOTHING! Well, I have two skeins of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Yarn in White Frost. It has wool in it, I shall try to felt with it! Luckily, AnteeJan, and her fabulous knitting on the couch teaching prowess, wisely told me to crochet a gauge. I decided she had a point and tried out her wisdom. I was pretty darn pleased I was only an inch off the gauge and threw it in the wash. Five loads later, it had fuzzed a considerable amount but didn’t felt much. NO!!!! At this point, I wasn’t really sure what to do and that lead up to Thursday’s diabolical trip.

All this drama and the hat looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

"The Hat"

Even through it all, I loved working on this project and I’m excited to see the final outcome. I know this isn’t the craziest crochet, or even yarn story! But my advice to all you crocheters/knitters is sometimes, you just need that yarn to make that one project that won’t leave your dreams.

Sigh* The things we do for our yarn addiction,
Stacy C

Yarn Hits! I Mean, Sales.

7 Mar

This weekend I set out to run errands and of course had to check the yarn circuit.

I wasn’t going to spend money on supplies, but a dear co-worker, T, printed me off some Michael’s coupons and they had to be put to use!

What I accomplished in a little over an hour made my heart soar! And I found out some neat tips I have to share. (All knowledge gained below was gained talking to staff in the store and asking questions. It’s the journalist in me, I can’t help but friend people and ask questions.)

First, exhibit A:

I was able to purchase all of this for under $20!

How? Well, when Michael’s has a large sale like this past weekend where they have 50% of coupons there is usually some inventory they need to sell off to make more room or they have too much. This is also the time when seasonal colors make an exit.

I found a good amount of Lion Brand Yarn in Vanna’s Choice and Loops and Threads on clearance for $2.49 and $1.79. It was a heavenly overwhelmed season of inexpensive choices.

All three of those Vanna’s Choice Glamour skeins were $.45. Yep, less than $.50!!! When I saw a very low price on my receipt as I left, I immediately went back in to get more and to figure out what happened when it originally rang up for $.01.

Here’s the big scoop: When seasonal items at Michael’s are past when they planned to carry them, the items are taken out of the computer registry. This means the item can’t be found and comes up a $.01. Michael’s staff then have to adjust the price to 10% of the original value. Glamour is usually $4.49/each and I got $.45/each because that color (jewel) was a seasonal color and was on it’s way out.

Also, another big tip is Michael’s does periodically go through the store and scoop up seasonal items that are past their prime and donate them. If you are a nonprofit knitting group, girl scout leader, community organization of any kind, I urge you to talk to your local Michael’s store. This particular store gave items to a local school for craft projects.

Not a bad coup in my opinion. Now I have to add baby booties for a blue skein, shopping bag for the blue/purple ombre, scarf for the pink/brown ombre and headbands for a pink sparkle skein to fill up my Etsy shop!

Happy fix spending!


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