Ode to Charisma

5 Feb

Think of the most creative or crafty person you know. If you happened to know me before May of 2010, I was probably not your top person or even in your top 10 list of people. I’m still helping some people get over the shock of, “You? Knitting? You can’t be serious.”

Well, I am creative and I want to share with everyone the yarn that spurred me to greatness.

Once upon a time, when I was first learning to knit, I wandered into my local Michael’s store to arm myself with the beginnings of a yarn stash. The isles that held yarn overwhelmed me and I stood there, clueless, trying to figure out what I was going to choose. I didn’t have a plan, project or vision to guide me. The only think I owned was a pair of needles and a plastic shopping bag that was my knitting carry-all.

As I walked down the isles looking into the shiny metal bins, a fluffy shade of colors caught my eye. I moved toward them and as I approached, I noticed these fabulous yarns were mixed with my favorite colors of brown and pink. I picked up a skein and was inundated with the thick, soft texture. A small shiver ran down my spine and a passion ignited. This is the moment my love affair of Michael’s Loops & Thread ™ Charisma™ started and when my fate in knitting was sealed.

The special blend of colors that gripped my heart was “Chocolate Cupcake.” This marvelous blend of supple pink transitioned into a shadowy brown, then a charming tan and finishing in an intense hot pink. I later discovered that this yarn allows me to knit on my favorite size needles, drumstick size. Not having a real idea of what to make, I bought six skeins of this vision in yarn that spoke to me.

I shared my discovery with my knitting group and everyone agreed about its soft, acrylic powers. After receiving validation in my new passion, I began my first real project – even following a pattern! – with a stylish vest for my sister. 

As I finished my project, the incredible sense of accomplishment overwhelmed me. I had managed to create something with my two hands and follow a pattern! I learned how to change needles in the middle of a project, frog and sew! I was on fire! After this first smashing success, I vowed to make as many projects as possible with Charisma™.

I’ve kept my promise and to this day, I’ve finished more than 20 projects using this special yarn. My repertoire now includes winter hats, scarves, fingerless gloves, cowls, and so much more. Charisma™ makes me look like a genius, a knitting master. All my fellow knitters claim I can sniff it out… what’s that? Is someone…?

I think so… Gotta go, someone just bought 2 skeins of Charisma™in, sniff, sniff, electric blue and… sniff, sniff, and cream. I know it.

Lateress on the menjays,


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