What’s Hiding in Your Knitting Bag(s)

28 Feb

Fellow knitters & crocheters,
I would like to bring up a touchy subject – in progress creations.

How the heck is this touchy? Aren’t you yarn freaks supposed to make stuff with your yarn?

Well, yes. That’s not the controversial part. What makes it an issue akin to “how much should I tithe?” is how many projects should I have at one time?

There are two really good points brought up on this subject. The first is from Kate Jacobs’ book “Friday Night Knitting Club.” She wrote that putting down projects is ok, but you need to get yourself to work through the project and see it to completion.

Knitting Daily brought up a good point that the more you are working on, the slower all your projects are going to get done. It depends on how dedicated and fast you are at completing projects that dictates your load.

I always thing of it this way, “the more projects you have on needles, you’re going to run out. You either buy more or start getting things done” some people don’t mind buying more supplies, I happen to be on a budget and gotta save my pennies.

I only allow myself three – four if it’s a holiday or gift giving season- and tell myself no more after that or rip an old project out. I’ve only resorted to that last part once (out of the 30 projects I’ve made) because it just wasn’t happening, I didn’t have enough yarn and I didn’t love it enough to salvage it.
I did take the project as a learning experience with my first time using a cable needle.

I encourage everyone to take stock of their current projects (which means everything on a hook or needles) and make a plan on accomplishing your tasks. After that, decide what you can handle at one time.


2 Responses to “What’s Hiding in Your Knitting Bag(s)”

  1. Nancy Burk February 28, 2011 at 3:03 PM #

    that’s right! i have something i started last spring (huge project) and need to set aside a certain amount of time each week to work on it. it seems to easy to become ADD with yarn!


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