Yarn Hits! I Mean, Sales.

7 Mar

This weekend I set out to run errands and of course had to check the yarn circuit.

I wasn’t going to spend money on supplies, but a dear co-worker, T, printed me off some Michael’s coupons and they had to be put to use!

What I accomplished in a little over an hour made my heart soar! And I found out some neat tips I have to share. (All knowledge gained below was gained talking to staff in the store and asking questions. It’s the journalist in me, I can’t help but friend people and ask questions.)

First, exhibit A:

I was able to purchase all of this for under $20!

How? Well, when Michael’s has a large sale like this past weekend where they have 50% of coupons there is usually some inventory they need to sell off to make more room or they have too much. This is also the time when seasonal colors make an exit.

I found a good amount of Lion Brand Yarn in Vanna’s Choice and Loops and Threads on clearance for $2.49 and $1.79. It was a heavenly overwhelmed season of inexpensive choices.

All three of those Vanna’s Choice Glamour skeins were $.45. Yep, less than $.50!!! When I saw a very low price on my receipt as I left, I immediately went back in to get more and to figure out what happened when it originally rang up for $.01.

Here’s the big scoop: When seasonal items at Michael’s are past when they planned to carry them, the items are taken out of the computer registry. This means the item can’t be found and comes up a $.01. Michael’s staff then have to adjust the price to 10% of the original value. Glamour is usually $4.49/each and I got $.45/each because that color (jewel) was a seasonal color and was on it’s way out.

Also, another big tip is Michael’s does periodically go through the store and scoop up seasonal items that are past their prime and donate them. If you are a nonprofit knitting group, girl scout leader, community organization of any kind, I urge you to talk to your local Michael’s store. This particular store gave items to a local school for craft projects.

Not a bad coup in my opinion. Now I have to add baby booties for a blue skein, shopping bag for the blue/purple ombre, scarf for the pink/brown ombre and headbands for a pink sparkle skein to fill up my Etsy shop!

Happy fix spending!


One Response to “Yarn Hits! I Mean, Sales.”

  1. Nancy Burk March 7, 2011 at 1:50 PM #

    Stacy, Great Info!! I too went to Michaels and in my purchase got a skein of Vanna for $.01! i did not know that the Vanna Glamour was on sale since it was not marked. Too bad for Michaels. Thanks for the great info…LOVE your blog!

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