Don’t Miss Out on the Best March Madness!

28 Mar

March Madness means lots of basketball for some, but for others, it’s craft month. That’s right, March is National Craft Month.

I have been buying and crafting like crazy! It’s been a flurry of activity and exhilarating.

I know there are only a couple of days left in the month, but there’s still enough time to start a project and enjoy the sales! All the chain stores and most online suppliers are having major sales. If you’ve always wanted to learn to crochet, knit or advance your technique, seize the craft spirit.

I’ve tried a handful of knitting projects for the first time. I’ve made two oatmeal cowls, working on owl baby booties and finishing up on a reusable shopping bag. Check them out:

20110327-095320.jpg 20110327-095330.jpg 20110327-095443.jpg

I’ve also really done a lot more with my other hobby, card making. I’ve gotten so many supplies and made a good number of cards. But because this is a needlework blog, I’ll spare posting more details.

I know I’m not the only one who’s embraced this creative month. What have you done this month in an effort to be a little more crafty?

Lots of Creative Love,

-Stacy C.


One Response to “Don’t Miss Out on the Best March Madness!”

  1. Nancy Burk March 29, 2011 at 1:32 PM #

    those cowls are beautiful! Love the owl in the booty…….Great Work!

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