We are Family! Hang Out With Your Sisters and Me!

20 Apr

Recently, I read an excellent prose on a topic I’ve recently blogged about – the importance of a knitting community. In one of my first blogs, I wrote about how new knitters should get involved in a knitting group to expand their knowledge and get better at their craft.

Well, KnitPurlGurl takes it a step further and expells the benefits of being part of a knitting community in the holistic approach. Below is a little excerpt of her moving entry:


“…I realized that knit & crochet communities are so vitally important in the lives of those who participate.  Many are women like myself who just need some time to socialize with other adult women.  Some are working women who need a little down time from their hectic jobs.  Some are looking for new friends or to learn new things.  And many are a combo of several.  Feeding that need to be a part of a community is nothing new.  Remember the quilting bees of old?  The sewing circles?  The bridge clubs?  The bowling leagues?  This was common place years ago – hobbies that brought people together to socialize.  And for some reason in 2011, SAHMs (knitting group) are made to feel like they could not possibly want to have socialization outside of PTO, soccer games, and church because that means they are putting their wants ahead of their families.  To that I say, BULLSHIT.

What I’ve learned is, I’m a much happier and effective mommy, housekeeper, and wife when I allow myself a little time that is JUST for me.  I’m not talking 2 minutes on the cellphone on the way to dance class for DD (Dear Daughter).  I’m not talking sending a tweet about cooking dinner for the family.  I’m talking utterly selfish, ME time.  Time to regenerate my mind and soul.  In my case, time to indulge in a social and creative activity that does not involve balancing it with reviewing flashcards, dusting, or folding laundry.  {{GASP}}

Local knit & crochet communities provide a sense of belonging; a sense of contribution to our crafts; and a sense of self.  They promote fellowship, friendship, and love of craft.  They give your brain 1-2 hrs a wk to relax and stop thinking about carpool, taxes, grocery shopping, and remembering to buy spray starch.  So find one in your area.  GO!  Give yourself permission to regen once a week for 2 hours.  It will make all of the difference in your health, happiness, happiness of your family, and of course, your WIPs.  😉 ”

To read the complete entry, click here.

I found this view to be very refreshing in the importance of having a hobby and enjoy taking time for you. Mastering a skill or sharing your passion is just as important to you as the people you reach. Keep up the great knitting/crocheting work, it matters!

About the blog guest highlight:
KnitPurlGurl is a knitter, tipster and all-around social media diva. Having a very sucessful blog and great give-aways, KnitPurlGurl.com has been featured by Tipster.com and numerous other bloggers for its knitting content. You can follow her on twitter, facebook or RSS feed.


2 Responses to “We are Family! Hang Out With Your Sisters and Me!”

  1. Nancy Burk April 20, 2011 at 1:01 PM #

    Great article, Stacy! KPG is sooooo correct. you need time for you for countless reasons. There are many stories of people who turned a (part-time) hobby into a booming business. Having a passion/hobby/skill adds so much to your life. like you said, Stacy, “it matters.”


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