Are you a Picker or a Thrower? (Not talking about noses)

10 May

Well ladies/gents,

I have been ignoring you, but not on purpose – life has gotten in the way, but I’m not going to let it stop me from the knitting scene! I have to talk about this topic and it’s all about how you knit. I’m not talking how you learn to knit, but your style of knitting.

We have two basic camps, like two basic stitches, picking and throwing. No matter what style you work English, Continental, Portuguese or some weird alien child variation, you throw the yarn or pick it up.

If you don’t get what I’m talking about look at these pictures below courtesy of my lovely sausage hands (no laughing at the pictures. I had to figure out how to take them with my iPhone using my mouth – multi-talented)





Videos for more visual aid:

I’ve done some individual, non-scientific research and found picking is the faster mode of knitting. If you want to be lightening fast, get-five-projects-done-in-a-blink, kind of knitter (like moi) become a picker. Kathleen Cubley (Knitting Daily), also points out in her blog some stitches, you just have to be a picker to do without taking 50 granny years to finish.

You can become pretty adept at throwing in the speed department but you will probably need to adjust your technique.

This pattern-knit blog entry is filled with ways to improve your knitting style.

I’ve also heard (lame) people say, “I can’t learn another way to knit!” Untrue, you learned how to knit when you didn’t know, you can learn to knit better! Don’t limit your knitting power, try something new in knitting.

I found some awesome videos and additional blogs on this thought of improving your style.

If you want to google this topic “knitting style” is a great search combination. Why am I even bringing this up? What does it matter? It matters how you knit because it effects how you interpret stitching help when you look it up. Maybe, just maybe, you could be a better knitter by adjusting your style – alright?!

For example, I’m a Continental picker and I know when I look up something in the stitch dictionary not to get confused by how the example illustration holds the yarn – we do things way differently. I just look at the needles and the stitch progression as my guide and I don’t trip up.

I’ve adjusted my style a couple of times and sometimes get hand cramps when I purl. But I’m switching to Portuguese style for purling, I’m gonna be able to fly through stitches painlessly!

Getting better on my style,
-Stacy C


2 Responses to “Are you a Picker or a Thrower? (Not talking about noses)”

  1. Nancy Burk May 17, 2011 at 8:57 PM #

    another very good article, Stacy. this is my favorite quote: ‘you learned how to knit when you didn’t know, you can learn to knit better! Don’t limit your knitting power, try something new in knitting.’ Words to live by for almost every situation. keep ’em coming!


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    […] how I can make it happen. I’ve written about left and right handed knitting methods before; but this is different because it requires both types at once. My ambidextrous self was super […]

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