Cuddle up With Some New Buddies

22 Jun

I decided that I was going to take a new approach to giving my hairdresser a tip. I decided to make some cute little almost toys for my hair god. I don’t like to do pieces when it comes to the little people and I wasn’t feeling booties or bibs.

I did a generic search on and came across the Lion Brand Yarn pattern for “Cuddle Bunny Buddies.”

This pattern really is easy, in fact, they could list it as super easy. The only thing making it a couple of steps beyond a garter stitch pattern is the short rows and a couple of areas you really have to be vigilant.

The beginning is easy, you knit and yarn over the entire half of the bunny. When you get to the part of the arms and it tells you to cast on in front of the live stitches, do not despair! You are going to use the backwards loop cast-on. Here are a couple of examples, from and Lion Brand Yarn even has a video too.

When you get to the part on the head, be VERY mindful of the K1, Sl1 pattern if you don’t watch the slipping and the knitting, you could end up with a head like this:

Bunny Head with Weird Sunken Eye. Watch the Pattern Repeats!

When you get to the ears, you are doing short rows. I like how the short rows work in this pattern because it’s a great introduction to this knitting technique for those who haven’t tried it, or have very little experience. When it tells you to turn the work and you still have needles on the left needle, you ARE supposed to leave them there. Don’t worry about it, just follow the pattern and trust that’s it’s right — because it is correct. Once you get the hang of the pattern, try something different for the ears, it’s fun and helps you “get” short rows.

Finishing the head is a little tricky too. Be careful about the section when you’re molding the ears to only knit the stitches between the ears exactly as the pattern dictates. I messed up and trying to open the head for stuffing ain’t easy! When you are knitting the stitches at the top with the needle pull the needle through the second loop. I suggest doing each stitch individually and you will do every other stitches perfectly around.

Look at these cute twinkie cuddle buddies!

When you get to the face and try to give it character, you can totally do your own thing. I couldn’t follow the exact drawn out pattern, my needles had other ideas no matter how hard I tried. I was still able to give them some attitude and I was proud of the end result. Have fun with the ears and the face – the kiddies will love it.

Rocking out the goodies like Santa,

– Stacy C.


One Response to “Cuddle up With Some New Buddies”

  1. Nancy Burk July 8, 2011 at 8:20 PM #

    Cuddle bunnies are cute… the way you write!

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