Cooking up Some Knitting in the Kitchen

3 Sep

I love food – not a surprise to anyone who knows me. I love to knit – refer to the former sentence. I’m gonna make a fusion of the two and what do you get? KITCHEN KNITS! These can look like many things, dish cloths, pot holders, tea towels, coasters, etc.

You think it sounds lame. Well, you can leave and give me back my yarn goodie bag!

There’s a little bit more to these lovelies than you think. First, they are a great hands-on experience for working on stitch patterns. I’m talking about learning to cable, figuring out seed stitch and mastering button hole making. It’s also great way to experiment creating your own patterns. It’s just a square/rectangle, not much harm you can do.

Outside of it being a great beginner’s lair, it’ also great for churning out gifts. Check these out:

Also, knitting kitchen items makes great wedding gifts! Yep, I let the bride choose a pattern (based on several styles from pictures I’ve shown) and they also give me ideas for their colors. I tell them, “You can even say you had something custom made for your nuptials!” Which, really, adds to the greatness of a handmade wedding gift.

Take a look at a few I’ve given (I have others but I don’t like to show them before they’re given:

I suggest cotton because it’s porous and you can throw it in the washing machine. I like making my towels with Lily Cotton and Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Sparkle Cotton! Be careful of the colors you pick and what you wash it with – some times dyed cotton bleeds! Just like that red shirt you bought and stuck with the whites…
Another suggestion is to use bamboo needles when knitting with cotton. Something about cotton yarn and any smooth metal/plastic needle makes it feel like you’re knitting a slippery noodle. Not impossible, but not suggested for your mental health.
Gonna go cook me up some cashmere,
-Stacy C

One Response to “Cooking up Some Knitting in the Kitchen”

  1. Nancy Burk September 6, 2011 at 12:59 PM #

    love that Martini dishcloth….and the fake entrelac! can’t wait to see the cashmere……..

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