Finding Your Heart in Your Hand

26 Oct

Dear yarn crafters,

Life has a way of beating you to a pulp mentally and physically. I’m kind of in the middle of those two things and it’s not easy; but it got me thinking about what I cling to in order to stay afloat. I have some trusted favorites – my faith and friends – and I reflected on some new ones – my dog, my knitting and co-workers.


A heart on live needles

I started to marvel at how important hobbies are in a person’s life. I used to have music in my teen years as my go-to stress reliever. I loved to play and sing and really let myself fly through my feelings and emotions. I lost that along the way into adulthood; however I picked up on some knew things that help me focus my strong, forceful energy.

People may talk about how it’s a control mechanism, a way to live outside reality – all those have merit – but when you’re really struggling with life and day-to-day isn’t easy, you need something to help you not obsess. I realized hobbies aren’t always a crutch they can be constructive and have an end result that brings joy to yourself and others.

I know some knitters that are in this hobby out of health issues, either their own or a loved one, and it does add to your mental health. I know plenty of people who weekly take time to imbibe in their hobbies because of stress. No matter the level, or life situation, you need a way to decompress.

I’ve been told, “I have a family, I have a busy life and I don’t have time to knit like you do.” Well, I’m sorry you feel that way because I really believe you are lessing your quality of life by not doing what you love to do and denying yourself that joy.

I’ve been sick, overwhelmed and stressed out causing me to not knit much because of those issues. I really see how denying myself something that makes me happy makes me even more down. Knit Purl Girl was featured on this blog in regards to a similar topic. I knew she was on to something then, I just didn’t realize the depth and breadth by what she meant in a knitting support group (aka knitting community).

People who are avid knitters, crocheters or crafters are because it brings a wonderful feeling of joy, love and creativity. When you sit down to make something, either for yourself or others, you are making the world a better place. Cheesy, I know, probably as cheesy as my knitting heart picture, but it’s important to keep doing what you love in any circumstance. Whether it’s for five minutes or five hours. And if you can’t do what you love to do anymore, don’t let it stop you! Teach another so they can enjoy it too pass your legacy on.

Coming up with another six month installment for chick-lit entry,
-Stacy C


2 Responses to “Finding Your Heart in Your Hand”

  1. knitpurlgurl (@knitpurlgurl) October 26, 2011 at 2:28 PM #

    I’m sorry to hear that life is hard right now. Taking the time to nourish your mind and body is essential. It’s akin to sleeping or eating. If I didn’t sleep or eat, I wouldn’t have the energy to be productive. If I don’t nourish my mind and creativity, I don’t have the energy to endure the massive amounts of stress life can dump on us. {{HUGS}} I know for myself, if I just get a few minutes in to knit and unwind, I am less crazed. I calm down and maker better decisions. I am less apt to fly off the handle. And I’m a more patient mommy and wife. Therefore, I’m a better mommy and wife. And believe me you, my family appreciates it. Taking a few minutes for yourself is beneficial. I hope your stress alleviates soon. Until then, take a deep breath and give yourself a few minutes of quality time with your knitting. 🙂

    • theyarnfix October 26, 2011 at 3:19 PM #

      Thanks for your kind words! It’s knitters like you who make me realize that being dedicated is a wonderful, healthy and blessed thing. 😀

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