Ears-Warmer, not the Princess Leia Kind

29 Jan

Sorry, Star Wars geeks, I mean fans, but this following blog is all about a stylish winter headband. But stay awhile, I’m pretty proud of this project. There are several reasons this finished project rocks, 1) I used up a leftover skein, 2) I blended two completely different patterns and 3) the final product is SUPER stylish and matches my scarf.

Covers up my cold sensitive ears

I made this scarf using Lion Brand Yarn, Superwash Merino Cashmere in Slate. I used the Cabled Headband, by Martha Stewart Design Team as the foundation for the shape of the headband and used the CashSilk Fern Scarf pattern as the base for the lacey-bits (love it! Lacey bits, hehehe).

Some of my regular readers will recognize the mention of the last pattern because I made a modified scarf from that pattern. I wanted my headband (used with leftover yarn from the skinny scarf project) to match my neck accessory. If you know me, you know I like symmetry and complementary accouterments, so it HAD to match my winter staples.

Here are adjusted pattern notes:
Make I-cord to pattern
Use the garter stitch part of the headband pattern repeat steps 3-4 until there are 26 stitches on your single point needles
At 26 stitches SS 4 rows
Start Cashsilk Fern adjusted pattern – (RS) K4, pattern, k4
(WS) P4, pattern
Continue following the garter stitch pattern for the headband
You basically make sure you always have a border of four stitches before you move onto the pattern. You don’t repeat the pattern, you only do it once then move on to the next row.

This pattern knits up nice and quick. I was able to make it in about a weekend. Oddly enough, this was the same weekend I flew out to do my interview for my new (and current) job! I must have subcontiously known that I was making something I would need.

In this post, I also want to encourage any yarn crafters to play with your patterns. I know the first step is to get some of you to READ a pattern, let alone deviate; but the more you use a pattern the more you can actually design your own creations! I almost made my own pattern by using pieces of different ones and made something very special and unique. If you have the skeleton foundation for your piece, add elements of things you’d really want, fringe, a lace repeat, or cable add-on. It’s ok to make it look so you – just be sure you’re really confident of your math skills (adding and comparing stitch numbers) and you’ll be fine.

P.S. a note about blocking – I did my usual iron blocking and I’m really glad I did. Even with steam and on the right fabric setting, I had to block three times. The reason being, the SS is really hard to beat down to a flat pulp. But once I was satisfied with the way the project lay, it stayed really well.

Gotta catch up on my Valentine’s knitting,
Stacy C.


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