Waves of Crochet Beauty

14 Mar

Continuing with Crochet Month, I’m featuring an easy crochet pattern. We’re still early enough in the month I figured  you can now move up to reading patterns – and if you’re a seasoned vet, no reason not to hook something up in no time to celebrate. But if all else fails and you’re super lazy, but want this scarf, you can buy it from me – no really, you can here. (It’s my blog, I can peddle my wares if I want to :-p)

I came about making this scarf because one of the knitting groups I’m in decided to choose our own pattern but stay in the same item category. I decided this was individual enough for me to participate and I would put aside my own work and  make a crochet item to continue this month’s theme. Well, I’m already done and haven’t gone back to the group, yet. Does this mean I fulfilled my quota? I do! 😀

The multi-color creation. Also for sale in my Etsy shop!

This pattern is the “One-Skein Scarf” created by Denise Cozzitorto and is found in “Stitch N’ Bitch Crochet: Happy Hooker” by Debbie Stoller. Even though it calls for one skein, I barely used half of my “I Love This Yarn! Stripes” by Hobby Lobby in Jazz Stripe. I had this skein left over from another project and decided to crochet this happy looking scarf for the Spring season.

I was VERY conscientious to follow the pattern to every step. I had to go back a couple of times and take out my own flare. It was hard, I like my flare, but I wanted to help those who don’t normally follow patterns. Let me tell you, this is SUPER easy but looks like so much more. I had fun making this because the hooks are towel rod size making it finish so quickly. As you can see on ravelry.com, it only took five days to get it all done.

I followed the pattern out of the book (review of said book is another blog post) and had very little trouble understanding the instructions. I only got held up on the section where I made the shell pattern at the end of the scarf.

Half-way done and it still looks amazing

Below is an elongated explination:
Sl St in the last stitch (at the end of the edge before you start working on the short end)
Working across short edge of scarf, sk first row-end dc, (in skipping a stitch, you are actually skipping a row, so you don’t do anything in the first row stitch)
shell in next row-end dc, (do the shell pattern in the second row stitch)
sk next row-end dc (don’t do anything in the third row stitch)

Once I figured out this portion it was smooth sailing.

So much fun playing with this accessory

Extra note: there’s a reason you foundation ch loosely, it’s because you eventually go back to the foundation and make shell stitches inside of them. If you don’t ch really loose, the pattern tends to bend instead of laying flat.

This pattern not only finishes quickly, but there is very little finishing. The yarn fringe starts and stops at the same end, talk about easy peasy. Blocking really is optional with this project, the only curling occurs if you didn’t chain loose enough.

If you haven’t tried using a pattern in crochet, I really encourage you to try this one. It will be gentle with you and then, you will want to conquer the crochet pattern world.

I hope this pattern gets your hook engine running,
Stacy C


2 Responses to “Waves of Crochet Beauty”

  1. Nancy Burk March 14, 2012 at 11:12 AM #

    What a pretty scarf. love that yarn!

    • theyarnfix March 14, 2012 at 11:26 AM #

      You could make your own, Nancy 😉 It’s “just” crochet

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