All Easters Should Have Yarn

9 Apr

Hello my fellow yarn addicts. I hope everyone’s Easters (yes, it’s supposed to be plural – watch “Nacho Libre”), or Passover, was great. I had a whirlwind long weekend, four states in four days. Let me tell you, living on the East Coast with all these smaller states is something I’m still getting used to!

This is the kind of yarn I used

I had a lot of yarn woven in with all my other crazy family activities. I had to finish a birthday present for a close friend’s uncle, of course I didn’t clue in until Tuesday that I needed it for Saturday. I decided to make a man slip knot scarf in a basket weave pattern. Where’s the picture?! Well, in all my haste, I didn’t get one… I know! I know!!! You’d think I’d learn from having to back track for other projects and getting the picture retroactively. HOWEVER, it was a dark blue and not easily photographed anyway :-p

What I mean by a slip knot scarf, is that I bound off four stitches on one side of the scarf for four rows. After using the back loop cast on to get my four stitches back, I had a “hole” on one side. This way, you can just put the other end through the “hole” and slip knot the scarf to the neck. (Stop screaming for pics. I will make a lighter colored one later)

I will give you this basic pattern, feel free to have fun with it:

A Manly Slip Knot Scarf

Bulky Yarn (Weight 5)
Needles: Size 11 (8 mm)

Cast on 30
Garter stitch 3 rows
(For all rows the border is three stitches on each side)
Rows 4-8: K3, *K4, P4, repeat from * to the last three stitches, K3
Knit row 9
Rows 10-14: K3, *P4, K4, repeat from * to the last three stitches, K3
Knit row 15
Knit to desired length
Garter stitch last 3 rows
Bind off

For the key hole section: when you are about 2/3 – 3/4 done with the length you want, follow the pattern for the first 13 stitches, then BO 4 stitches.
K four rows to pattern, just skip those four BO stitches as if they were knitted
K 13 stitches to pattern, back loop cast on four stitches, continue pattern

There you have it, a quick and easy man scarf.

Back to my regularly scheduled program,
-Stacy C. Cervantes


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