Take THAT You Muggle Knitters! :-p

24 Apr

I get a hard time from friends for my yarn crafting – shocking, I know. But it really irks me at times, I can do something they can’t and it’s like a beautiful work of art! Don’t hate, Stockin-ate! :-p

Well, I found something I can do that’s not only useful, but can only be easily done with knitting needles that those muggle-crafters can’t do! What could this possibly be, you ask?

Restringing a hoodie!


You don’t seem duly impressed, but you really should be. For those that are awing, I applause your insight.

To better get you on my inspiring page, imagine this: Have you ever had a drawstring hoodie that for some unknown reason – or worse, you see it happening and can’t stop it – suddenly has two feet of string on one side and a gaping hole? Well, fear not any longer as I have the perfect solution!

What you need:
14″ knitting needle size 6 or smaller
Ability to tie knots
Nimble fingers

The first step is to take the drawstring completely out (don’t panic, it will work).
Then you tie one end of the drawstring around the base of the needle taking care that the knot is tight enough not too fall off the back end.

Step one

Next, insert the needle on one side of the hoodie and scrunch up the hood fabric all the way onto the needle (hence why you need a long needle).

Step two

Pull the needle through the hood fabric tanking care to pull gently so as not to force the knot off the needle and/or snag on the little strings inside.

Voilá the hoodie is restrung, untie the knot; and for the symmetrical freaks, like myself, adjust the string to even length and be amazed at your McGiver abilities.


Not the most invigorating post, but this was really a two part DIY and stick-it-to-the-yarn-bullies. To all you mockers, I’ve got skills McGiver ain’t even seen – so don’t come asking to use my needles when you need help! (But really, I totally would because if someone needs my needles I would feel super cool.) Hope this DIY was not only entertaining but useful.

Off to figure out how one can use a circular needle to cook a turkey…
-Stacy C.


2 Responses to “Take THAT You Muggle Knitters! :-p”

  1. Nancy Burk April 24, 2012 at 10:18 AM #

    this was your cutest post yet!! very lively and made me smile…..love the McGiver reference. you know, this also happens to pajama pants, yoga pants, drawstring shorts, ….the list goes on! Thanks for the smile today. ;D

    • theyarnfix April 24, 2012 at 10:25 AM #

      Always a pleasure Nancy – good point about all the drawstrings. Go with McGiver skills 😀

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