Mommy, Where do Skeins Come From?

3 May

We all wonder at one time or another, how a beloved skein makes its way to the coveted stash. Yes, we buy it and bring it home, but how does it become the thing of dreams and fixes?

I’ve been wanting to know for a while the whole process of how fiber becomes a yarn. I’ve thought about trying to convince History Channel’s “How it’s Made” to do a series on it (still, I just might). But in preparing for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, I became a little more knowledgeable about the whole thing.

Looking at the Green Mountain Spinnery, I came across this tour video: How Yarn Is Made. This is a much smaller operation than where I buy most of my yarn, yet it’s still insightful into the billion dollar a year industry.

While I don’t want to look at actual livestock during the festival (I mean, I DO have about 100 wool vendors to check out. I know my priorities!), I might pass by and thank the sheep for contributing their hairs.

Preparing for Yarn Day,
-Stacy C


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