A Magical Yarn Creature

26 Jul

I was looking at a website about a luxurious yarn club (I was dreaming) and came across this information on Angora Wool, “Angora: Did you know that an angora rabbit will sit peacefully on your lap while you spin fiber right off of it’s back? I’ve seen this myself several times. Of course most commercial yarn is not processed so laboriously.”

Of COURSE I had to go on YouTube and “see” this for myself. Check it out:

A furry animal, sitting on your lap, while you make amazing luxurious yarn hanks?! I think it’s the perfect furry animal/yarn combo EVER. If collecting my dog’s hair was only so easy – and acceptable yarn texture. I often exclaim to my dog after vacuuming, “Where’s the Yeti you’ve been hiding while I’m at work?!” She doesn’t own up to it. She just stares at me with her “I love you, give me a treat?” eyes.

I want to knit with Angora now more than ever. Wait, instead of buying my own sheep for awesome yarn, I can buy a rabbit! (Bad idea music cue.)

Getting my tennis elbow in check for the Ravellenics,
-Stacy C.


One Response to “A Magical Yarn Creature”

  1. Nancy Burk July 26, 2012 at 12:23 PM #

    Cutest article yet! really enjoyed…..can you imagine Jacki yarn?? We had a cat that was so much like an angora rabbit, aptly named Minky. Yes, let’s try some angora and cashmere this year! Thanks for the laugh. =D

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