Injured List = Awesomeness

17 Aug

Hello my fellow yarn freaks. Who rocked Ravellenics 2012?! I had a blast competing in my first Yarn Olympic Extravaganza and it will go down in the history books (for me).

I turned in FIVE projects! I had to modify submitting one of them, but I was really happy to earn four medals (I could have earned more if I had figured out the medal entry racket). BEHOLD! My lovely Yarn Olympic Entries!

You can check out all the patterns on my projects for the socks, white sweater, hooded sweater, hat and bag.

There was a lot of blood sweat and tears that went into these projects and I knitted like a MANIAC to get everything done. I actually thought I would finish the bag and have time to start a pair of socks for my dad. HA! Such big, naive dreams going into this; but I did accomplish a lot! In fact, I was “training” by knitting my Color Affection (bad ending, poor pattern construction – another post) and in my rush to finish it before the games, I gave myself tennis elbow. Yes, that’s right, I injured myself four days before the games. I mean, who gets TENNIS ELBOW by knitting? You would actually be surprised at the possibility when you don’t use stress relief tools.

THEN, on Tuesday before the games, I burned my left forefinger straightening my hair. Yep, I had an elbow injury and finger injury on the same arm, all three days before casting on. I was not happy. I couldn’t believe that I might be on the injured list! I took a little time to let it rest, but it most likely wasn’t long enough. I kept at it all during the two weeks and almost killed myself turning in the last of my projects on deadline day. It wasn’t because I had procrastinated, it was because I underestimated the time and effort it would take to heavily modify a pattern for pair of complex socks to fit a man’s size 12. I better get like 100 hits the first day for that post! Let’s just say, that they took a lot of math, research and brain work before and during the project process for the final product. Needless to say at the end of the games, my tennis elbow came back. Sigh* I gave it a day or two to rest, but yarn, it just calls to me. At least I’m not knitting/crocheting like my life depends on it anymore. But I will tell you what, if I was athletic as I am crafty Michael Phelps would eat my medal dust!

Off to play with my decadent plum variegated cowl,
-Stacy C


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