What is UP?! (FDC stitch info.)

13 Sep

Well, that question is loaded. Because in my personal and knitting life a TON and in my career it’s a weird one. Well putting aside I got my second dog back in my life, permanently, I have been yarning it UP!

I know I owe you lots of deets on my adventures in man-sock making, fingerless glove love affair, beaded bagging, yarn dying and a crochet braided scarf. I’m also obsessed with designing a sleeve wrap.

I’m gonna start with the man-socks. I have lots of notes. Wait, Psych! (I didn’t mean to). I left all my man sock making notes on a printed pattern at home, in my stitch library.

Let see, what little tid-bit can I give you?… FOUNDATION DOUBLE CROCHET STITCH! I brought you all this way just to mess with your little minds to bring you crochet – you love it! :-p Guess what I learned this week while making Interweave Press’ “Rapunzel Scarf“? about foundation crochet. This little beaute can be done in SC or DC but we’re going to focus on the DC aspect. 

As you can see from my strips, there is the chain and first row DC all done in one stitch.

The wonderful thing about this stitch is say you have to cast on like 50, or 150, or 250, you sit there and chain FOREVER, then you have to stitch FOREVER, etc. To skip straight to step three, you just foundation crochet. You see, while you’re doing this stitch you make the base chain AND the first row! That’s right, you do TWO things at the same time and crochet goes even faster – faster, like 2.0. With crochet already being fast, let’s just say this is awesomeness.

To start follow these steps:

Ch3 (ok, there’s minimal chaining, but I didn’t lie)
Yo, insert your hook into the first chain,
*Yo, go through one loop,
DC one stitch*
Yo, insert your hook into the next loop repeat from * and continue until you have the number of stitches needed.

If that’s still as clear as mud, I really liked this clip from Crochet (that’s her YouTube name, alright?) and it helped me on my way.
Just remember, you can use this stitch for patterns and then start on row three.

Yeah, I’m a little hyper, but you got a post outta me – uh!

Working with yarn made from NASA technology, no really,
-Stacy C.

P.S. This pattern is on sale for $3.85 at the Interweave Press online store until Friday, Sept. 14, 2012!


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