March is Crochet Madness!

5 Mar

Hello my fellow crafters. Technically, March is craft month as well as crochet month. But on this blog, because I reign supreme, we’re going to celebrate crochet – and throw in some other crafty stuff for you whiners out there.

But to kick off this month, I want some audience participation. Yes, from YOU!

Imagine him pointing a paw at you

What, pray tell, could I be asking you to POSSIBLY do?

Give me ideas. If you think this journal has been missing something vital, or you need to know something badly, you want me to try something crazy cool (with yarn) or it’s just plain sucked in the past – make it better. Tell me what floats your boat or what needs to be happening and I will be more than happy to try things out.

Here’s the deal, I’m not lazy – usually. It’s just really hard to be creative in three different outlets and then sit down and write things out if I’m not even sure it’s what the people want. Now, mind you I’m not always worried, but I would like to make sure that the $26 a year I spend to write down my stuff isn’t lame and boring.

I have some stuff queued up for the coming month and think you will be pleasantly surprised I mean with a stash like this:

Stash beast

Stash beast

how could it be anything other than stellar? Or hilariously ridiculous.

Keep the brilliant ideas flowing, I need ’em,
-Stacy C



2 Responses to “March is Crochet Madness!”

  1. NancyB March 6, 2013 at 1:38 PM #

    Your blog is so enjoyable! and you are so successful at your craft. (I remember when you first learned) Keep teaching us. I want learn a lot more about knitting. I want to learn entrelac, brioche, welting..,..and to knit faster to do more projects – LOL!

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