Moving and the Yarn Blues

31 May

Well, Dear Reader(s, in my dreams),

The last few weeks have been a heck of a ride! Since my last post, I was offered, accepted, packed up, moved two states (and a district) south, unloaded my stuff and started a new job!

If you’re the least bit confused, don’t be. Things at my last job came to this weird stand still in late March. In mid-April, I started a job interview process. It was kind of crazy how everything happened and how quickly they needed me. I’m happy I took the job and I’m living in a place I’ve wanted to for a long time.

A little over half done. Clearly, I still have work to do.

A little over half done. Clearly, I still have work to do.

The only thing about this move is that my knitting time is drastically cut into. My commute is an extra 1.5 hrs. Not bad considering it’s all on public transportation. Problem is, I’m getting used to taking said public transportation. I’m not used to all the travel and still have to pay attention to make sure I get off in a timely manner – and at the right stop – whilst knitting/crocheting. I’m currently only knitting a little bit at night. I can totally tell the difference in my mental health. I’m not as chill nor content. The plus side is I’m reading like a fiend because I can do that easier standing than knitting.

I need time to adjust and get situated, but I’m quite annoyed at how my creative world has turned upside down. Best part out of this whole move is my new LYS is Fibre Space! That’s right, the place I wrote about has become my new yarn home!!! (Lots of exclamation marks are needed for this portion of my story.) The only thing keeping me from visiting so much is my inability not to overspend and my recent moving price tag has drained all my funds.

Planning my Bermuda trip (for reals),
-Stacy C.


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