Honeycomb as a Wedding Presie (crochet FO)

14 Jul

Someone might remember I like to make wedding presents instead of buying something. Not because I’m a cheapskate, but because I want to make something that’s sort of heirloom-esque for the couple. (Also, I don’t want to go to a store and purchase something that will only get thrown out or replaced for a better model.)

Wedding white table runner(Also, I don’t want to go to a store and get something they will eventually through out because it breaks.)

So, for one of my gals I made this Hexagon table runner by Marinke Slump. You might remember the Hexipuff blanket (that for some reason was all the rage for a few years, but I wasn’t going to get suckered into making 800 tiny little puffs) but this takes hexagons and makes the project much more manageable.

I took my sweet time on this project and didn’t hate it. Tucking a few dozen tails as I worked encouraged me to stop when I got tired and not think evil thoughts. Which is good because no one wants to give a wedding present with bad juju literally sewn in.

Sewing hexagons together. Two down, 18 to go...

Sewing hexagons together. Two down, 18 to go…

Instead of doing the single crochet stitch to sew the hexagons together I used a mattress stitch to make the runner more flush. I did this by facing two hexagons wrong-side touching and stitched through the edging.

The table runner border was very easy to do as long as you followed along with the directions and didn’t over think it. For your knowledge as you’re making this, the boarder adds about 2 inches. This was more than I was expecting, but didn’t detract from the final result. If you want a narrower edge, I suggest doing a double crochet or even a single (but know you will have to adjust how you handle the “valley” between hexagons).

This pattern essentially comes in three parts:

1. How to make a magic circle (best tutorial I’ve seen on it, yet)

2. How to make a hexagon

3. How to make a hexagon table runner (by putting everything together and making a border)

This takes some time but was an enjoyable project.

Back to my sequin yarn project – yes, sequins,


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