Fell off the wagon into a bed of yarn

6 Feb

It has been so long since I’ve posted on here I don’t recognize the WordPress.com post interface. So space-agey.


Look at these colors! So many blues it’s an ocean.


I was remiss in remembering that every January I seem to struggle with not buying more yarn. That month either is some huge yarn sale month and I haven’t figured it out or I’m on a buying high from the holiday season and I want it ALL! Either way, I fell off said wagon of two-plus years and it feels (literally) so good.

It all started with me buying a gorgeous skein of Sheep Wrecked yarn I bought in Bermuda (post coming). Then I saw an ad online (I think Facebook?) for a Craftsy sale on Cloudborn yarns in an ombre skein pack and I had to have it. But what to make? Well, I’ve been drooling over the Still Light Tunic for six years (Ravelry shows me how long I’ve had it in my queue). I crunched the numbers and figured out how much yarn I would need and I could add another color of blue and make more hues and possibly cheaper and… I did it. Then I realized I needed to buy needles, it never ends.


Imagine the colors on this tunic.


The tool of my medium.

I’ve decided to do reviews as I go about this tunic as I’m already encountering obstacles. I think it might be helpful. The raglan increase is proving to be a turd and my struggle can be used to help the next knitter.

Happy knitting,
-Stacy C


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