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Let’s be Real, it’s not Gonna Happen

1 May

Especially the way you might want it. What’s that? Putting up all of my FOs (Finished Objects) and giving a pattern review. I do this from time to time – and enjoy it. But in getting real let’s all admit I have better things I would rather do, like knit.

I’m not saying this blog isn’t cool (keep reading it), or that I don’t like doing other things (I sorta do); but writing reviews after each project keeps me from having fun with the actual medium conduit we all know and love – YARN.

All the pretty projects

All the pretty projects

Here’s my solution, “Be my Ravelry friend!” That’s right, if you’re not using Ravelry, you should be. As in, the 1990’s called and wondered how the heck you got into 2013 without using Ravelry?! If you’re hardly using Ravelry and only look for patterns and nothing else, you’re missing out! There are so many features on there you should be using to help your knitting/crocheting journey. (Hmm, future post!) If you get bored, want some inspiration or frankly need more knitting friends, I’m your gal.

So, add Stacyc55 to your friends and let’s get this party started!!!!!

Not a desperate plea for friends but an invitation to the cool crowd,
-Stacy C.



Yarn Addicts Anonymous Not Welcome Here!

28 Jan

Do you get tremors when you’re stressed out and start yearning for your knitting project? Do you go into a craft or yarn store and start freaking out at all your choices? When you see a bin with the perfect shade of vibrant color you start drooling and sniffing the yarn? Do you get said yarn and then have visions of your next yarn or crochet project?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Sure, there are blogs that cover knitting, yarn and other interweave takes. Why make another one? How are you different? Well, this blog not only comes from the love of the art of our craft but also a resource for those still learning and those who want to teach.

We will have knitting (and crochet) tips, pattern reviews, ravs, rants, designs and by golly there will be sustainable yarn tool ideas!

Think of this as not just opinion but also your resource – when you’re stuck and you have no where to go vist theyarnfix! Have you ever tried to figure out the backward loop  cast on and been desperate to find an answer at 2 a.m.? No fear, we are here day and night! This will be your community of knitting, which is very important as any experienced knitter can attest.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show, er, blog. Also, check out our Etsy shops when you also need to feed the shopping beast.


-The YarnFix fairies

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