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Scharetta Bow Scarf Pattern

25 Mar

The Birthday Girl, showing it off.

It’s a special crochet month with means you deserve a Stacy C original design! (Waiting for applause)
It’s been a few months since my last design and everyone seems to be getting a kick out of my “Faux Entrelac” pattern on Ravelry. And I’m trying to build my street cred… I mean, give you more creative ideas! I’ve noticed that my designs like to use a lot of chaining, but I’m ok with that. I’m taking a simple element and making it a fashion MUST. Have fun with my design and let me know either here or on its Ravelry Page, what you’ve made and what you think.

Hook: I (5.5 mm)
Yarn: Red Heart, Soft in Berry (Weight #4)
Amount used: 66 grams total for the scarf. 14 grams for the bow

Scarf base:
Ch 14, turn
Ch 1, sc 14. Cut

Close up.

Close up.

In the last sc, ch 250. Cut yarn leaving about a 2-yard tail

For the chains 2-14 continue in the following way:
In the next sc (to the right of the last one made) chain 20
Sl st into the left chain on its 20th stitch. You want to make sure when you slip the stitch that the chains line up. You only slip into the chain next to it, not all the chains.
*Ch 20 stitches, sl st into the left chain on its 20th stitch*. Repeat * section 9 times
On the last section ch 25, sl st into the left chain on its 25th stitch
Cut yarn after each chain is finished. Leave about a 4″ tail.

Scarf finishing base:
(Start working on the WS with all tail ends in front of you)
With the 2-yard tail from first chain, Hdc 14 into each chain end, turn
Ch 1, sc 14. Cut yarn

Scarf Finishing:
With the tail ends, you can either try to tuck all them into the short base. I decided to only tuck the tails that started and ended the base structure. I then took two tail ends next to each other, double knotted them, then snipped the ends. I did this for both bases.

Ch 18, turn
*Ch1, sc 18, turn*, repeat * 4 times. Cut yarn
Bow will be about 3″ x 2″. Tuck in ends

Not too shabby.

Not too shabby.

Bow band:
Ch 8, turn
Ch1, Hdc 8, turn
Ch 1, sc 8. Cut yarn leaving an 8″ tail to sew bow onto scarf.

Because it’s Red Heart yarn, and pretty hearty (pun intended), I steam ironed the scarf separately from the bow. I also steam ironed the bow seperately from the scarf. While ironing the scarf I focused on one section at a time (between the slipped stitches is a “section”) making sure the chains faced right side before placing heat on them. I did iron the bow before and after I added the band. I only added heat for about 10-15 sections each time. I did do one last “once over” after I sewed the bow onto the scarf.

Bow sewing:
With your rectangle, squish the middle and wrap the band around it. Take care to center the band around the rectangle and sew a couple of stitches to secure the band. Now you can sew the bow onto the scarf.
I tried to sew the bow onto the chain section, but found that too difficult. Instead, I sewed the bow onto a sl stitch section, making it easier to anchor it, before tacking it down onto the scarf.

Voilá! You now have a snazzy scarf for the spring – and around here it just won’t quit snowing!

Continuing my FO fire!
-Stacy C.


March is Crochet Madness!

5 Mar

Hello my fellow crafters. Technically, March is craft month as well as crochet month. But on this blog, because I reign supreme, we’re going to celebrate crochet – and throw in some other crafty stuff for you whiners out there.

But to kick off this month, I want some audience participation. Yes, from YOU!

Imagine him pointing a paw at you

What, pray tell, could I be asking you to POSSIBLY do?

Give me ideas. If you think this journal has been missing something vital, or you need to know something badly, you want me to try something crazy cool (with yarn) or it’s just plain sucked in the past – make it better. Tell me what floats your boat or what needs to be happening and I will be more than happy to try things out.

Here’s the deal, I’m not lazy – usually. It’s just really hard to be creative in three different outlets and then sit down and write things out if I’m not even sure it’s what the people want. Now, mind you I’m not always worried, but I would like to make sure that the $26 a year I spend to write down my stuff isn’t lame and boring.

I have some stuff queued up for the coming month and think you will be pleasantly surprised I mean with a stash like this:

Stash beast

Stash beast

how could it be anything other than stellar? Or hilariously ridiculous.

Keep the brilliant ideas flowing, I need ’em,
-Stacy C


Don’t Miss Out on the Best March Madness!

28 Mar

March Madness means lots of basketball for some, but for others, it’s craft month. That’s right, March is National Craft Month.

I have been buying and crafting like crazy! It’s been a flurry of activity and exhilarating.

I know there are only a couple of days left in the month, but there’s still enough time to start a project and enjoy the sales! All the chain stores and most online suppliers are having major sales. If you’ve always wanted to learn to crochet, knit or advance your technique, seize the craft spirit.

I’ve tried a handful of knitting projects for the first time. I’ve made two oatmeal cowls, working on owl baby booties and finishing up on a reusable shopping bag. Check them out:

20110327-095320.jpg 20110327-095330.jpg 20110327-095443.jpg

I’ve also really done a lot more with my other hobby, card making. I’ve gotten so many supplies and made a good number of cards. But because this is a needlework blog, I’ll spare posting more details.

I know I’m not the only one who’s embraced this creative month. What have you done this month in an effort to be a little more crafty?

Lots of Creative Love,

-Stacy C.

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