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The Shakes

14 Jan

2015-04-24 00.07.47This meme is funny, any yarn crafter KNOWS this is funny – because it’s impossible (or so I was sure). HOWEVER, for more than two years, I have not bought yarn. I can’t remember the date, can’t remember how long it took not suffering when I turned away from temptation – but it’s true. I decided I really did have enough yarn as I had to downsize apartments, it gets expensive buying more while going unused, and I wanted to do more travel. So, with resolve made, I stopped buying yarn. I kept what I had – and even had to downsize MORE this summer with another move (just ask SusannMarie, she SCORED in my purge). Don’t get me wrong, I still have a couple hundred (under a thousand, thank YOU!) dollars of yarn in my closet. I would like to keep it that way as I’m now a poor graduate student.

But today, I saw ONE little tweet from NobleKnits announcing a great sale on Spud & Chloe Outer yarn. I’ve made some lovely scarves from this yarn and one I famously lost. I love this yarn and I love this brand. Even going to the website to find links for this post, I’m looking at the sale going, “Ooooo, pretty! Mohair! Be Sweet Handspun! Free shipping?!” How is this struggle possible?! Is it because I gave up frivolous spending this year? Is it because I got into a grove with holiday shopping and holiday sale spending? Is it because I’ve picked back up my needles? Am I avoiding the stress of a new semester and huge life changes?! Who knows. All I know, is I could use a smoke (not that I ever have) to calm my shaking hands and bundle of nerves wanting scrumptious yarn. Mmmm, yarn. I can smell it.

This just goes to show, you can take the girl out of weekly visits to her LYS – but it always comes back like a heroin habit when least expected.

Looking for an AA meeting,
-Stacy C.


Finding Your Heart in Your Hand

26 Oct

Dear yarn crafters,

Life has a way of beating you to a pulp mentally and physically. I’m kind of in the middle of those two things and it’s not easy; but it got me thinking about what I cling to in order to stay afloat. I have some trusted favorites – my faith and friends – and I reflected on some new ones – my dog, my knitting and co-workers.


A heart on live needles

I started to marvel at how important hobbies are in a person’s life. I used to have music in my teen years as my go-to stress reliever. I loved to play and sing and really let myself fly through my feelings and emotions. I lost that along the way into adulthood; however I picked up on some knew things that help me focus my strong, forceful energy.

People may talk about how it’s a control mechanism, a way to live outside reality – all those have merit – but when you’re really struggling with life and day-to-day isn’t easy, you need something to help you not obsess. I realized hobbies aren’t always a crutch they can be constructive and have an end result that brings joy to yourself and others.

I know some knitters that are in this hobby out of health issues, either their own or a loved one, and it does add to your mental health. I know plenty of people who weekly take time to imbibe in their hobbies because of stress. No matter the level, or life situation, you need a way to decompress.

I’ve been told, “I have a family, I have a busy life and I don’t have time to knit like you do.” Well, I’m sorry you feel that way because I really believe you are lessing your quality of life by not doing what you love to do and denying yourself that joy.

I’ve been sick, overwhelmed and stressed out causing me to not knit much because of those issues. I really see how denying myself something that makes me happy makes me even more down. Knit Purl Girl was featured on this blog in regards to a similar topic. I knew she was on to something then, I just didn’t realize the depth and breadth by what she meant in a knitting support group (aka knitting community).

People who are avid knitters, crocheters or crafters are because it brings a wonderful feeling of joy, love and creativity. When you sit down to make something, either for yourself or others, you are making the world a better place. Cheesy, I know, probably as cheesy as my knitting heart picture, but it’s important to keep doing what you love in any circumstance. Whether it’s for five minutes or five hours. And if you can’t do what you love to do anymore, don’t let it stop you! Teach another so they can enjoy it too pass your legacy on.

Coming up with another six month installment for chick-lit entry,
-Stacy C

I’m a Knitting Cheater and I’m Ready to Confess

21 Aug

The title says it all, folks. I’m a knitter, truly, I haven’t been faking. Heck, remember my knitting pilgrimage? That was a wonderful experience – no, life changing.

But I’ve strayed, some might say it was bound to happen. Others, I was too devoted and I set myself up. Whatever the reason, I’m willing to share with you the other hobby that has been taking my attention – cardmaking.

I know, it’s nothing sordid (as one might hope) but it’s true, I love making cards. I also love buying cardmaking supplies. It’s a combination of things, I have a co-worker who is so devoted and gets my obsession; it’s super hot and wool is just something you don’t want to handle on 100+ weather days; and the allure of color combinations gets to me.

Take a look for yourself, how could you not feel the same way?

Granted, it does help that making these cards takes me less time than knitting something. It’s great in the gratification of getting several done in one night. But I love how my knitted things and handmade cards can literally go hand-in-hand as gifts!

I know that most crafters have more than one love. I know I’m not alone in this “affair” scenario. I did feel a little guilty going crazy over cardmaking, almost a little fickle. It made me think, “Is this one of those things where I’m really into it for a year, year-and-a-half but then I move on to the next thing?” After some thought, I decided that’s not the case at all. I’ve just learned to love something else than can be an extension of my first big hobby.

But did I mentioned I’ve also started picking crochet back up? Umm…

Tell me what your craft loves are – do you have multiple partners? Feel free to confess on my comments. No judgement in this non-AA scene.

Livin’ la vida loca,
-Stacy C.

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