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A Yarn Refresher of Sorts

30 Jun

This has been quite a month. One would think after all the moving that I would have a down month – psych!


What would be a travel trip without some yarn bombing?

Though the highlight of my June were the four days and three nights I spent in Bermuda! It was seriously life-changing. I went on my own because none of my friends could get their calendars to sync a good time when we could go. I decided I wouldn’t let something like that keep me from a tropical holiday. BEST IDEA EVER!

I had such a fun time meeting people, hanging out with locals and enjoying the beauty. But I also learned a lot about myself. The biggest thing was that I used my crafting as an excuse not to go out and do more adventurous things. That might read really weird, but when I thought about it more, it made sense.

The only people I hung out with were from my church or were part of a craft group. There’s nothing wrong with that, truly, but it wasn’t the only thing I wanted to do with my free time but what I thought I should be doing. I’ve always tried to live my life as a “good” person and I thought part of that meant living in this box. I realized good people can have fun dancing, go on adventures, not worry about every little action and just have FUN!

I’m still doing my yarn work but I’m not as focused on it. It occurred to me that part of the reason I was so “obsessed” was I was trying to keep my anxiety in check. Not worried anxiety, it turns out, but antsiness because I was telling myself I was having fun and that wasn’t always the case.

Don’t get me wrong, I love knitting and crochet and how my mind can work on a project and make a beautiful creation, but it doesn’t need to be such an intentional distraction. I think when we love, or think we love, something it’s good to take a step back and analyze why we are so dedicated. Yarn crafting will always be a part of my life, just not as busy work anymore.

Yarn on,
-Stacy C


It’s all Fun and Games until Someone Loses a Scarf

7 Apr

My “Fairy White”

Easter has come and gone and I’m updating you on some tom-foolery that oddly involves yarn and handmade items. Some of you know about my super awesome Black Friday experience at Fibre Space. It was the first time I’d ever woken up at 4 a.m. to go out and shop–but it was for yarn, so totally acceptable. I could have sworn I had written a post, but you tend to be a little delirious when you’re reliving a half-awake life experience.

Anyway, the only thing I had bought for myself at that wonderful yarn sale were two skeins of Spud and Chloë, Outer in sandstone. It was so beautiful, super bulky and perfect for the Vite Cowl I had wanted to make for a while. It was also my sanity project hanging out with my parents over Christmas. I wore that thing all the time because it was the perfect color of off white… You get the idea, I loved that scarf and we had a history.

Well, this Easter I went back down to D.C. to hang out with some awesome people. We decided on Good Friday to go out and have some dinner, hangout at a sports bar, and then go to this crazy weird club. Things were going all well and fine until we got to the club. Let’s just say the night got NC17 REAL fast with some of the shenanigans going on in there!

I won’t shock you with too many details but I can tell you I experienced a co-ed bathroom for the first time. I didn’t know it was one until I went in there. I rolled with it, but was SO confused for a good minute. When we went onto the techno floor all the bartenders were shirtless, but when you went up to the bar to order a drink it turns out, they were ONLY IN BOXER BRIEFS (that deserves all caps for the shock it gave me)! We decided to stay and dance, making coat check and ideal solution for our stuff. I put my lovely scarf into the sleeve of my sweater (stupid move). When we were ready to leave I got my coat back and we walked out into the night. No one puts their coat on right when they get out of a club you’re hot and sweaty and… stuffs. When we got onto the metro, I realized MY SCARF WAS GONE (also, deserving of caps)!

I was crushed. I had no idea it would just disappear. I tried calling the club the next night, but you had to go in to claim anything and I was leaving the next day. An acquaintance when down to see if they could find anything but never go back to me. I can only hope my beautiful scarf found a new loving home. Tear*

My new “precious”

After that travesty, we headed to Alexandria and–obviously–I went to my favorite D.C. haunt (Fibre Space if you haven’t figured it out by now). I consoled myself with some Capital Luxury Lace by Neighborhood Fibre Co., in Victorian Village. It goes great with a ton of my spring and summer wardrobe. I also bought some Spud and Chloë sweater in sandstone. I decided the thinner yarn would be better for wearing in warmer months. The new Spud and Chloë inspired a design that I’m working on with owls. If I had to lose my scarf, I found a great way to try and get over the pain.

Back to my Hogwarts Express Special, -Stacy C.

“November Knits” Book Party – the scoop

18 Sep

Fresh off the presses!

I had an amazing experience during my lunch break today and it wasn’t even with food! I went to the Knitter’s Edge, my favorite LYS, to check out the launch of “November Knits” by Courtney Kelley and Kate Osborne. It’s not yet in stores but is rolling out through the fall, you can get it on the Interweave Press’ Website. The book literally came off the presses yesterday and I got to go to the first book party!!!! (Squee with delight here.)

This was honestly the best meet the author experience I’ve had with a book talk. Not only did they tell us the story behind the making of this book, the authors for each of the patterns, the inspiration for the patterns, BUT also an in-depth about each yarn a project was made and yarn substitutes you could use. We saw every pattern sample from the actual pictures in the book!

It was a wonderful experience to have because how many times have you looked at patterns in a book and wanted to know more? What the author was thinking, why they did certain things with patterns? It was neat to get into the mind of someone making a book for something that matters so dearly to you.

If you’re into warm knitting, projects that take little to a lot of time, this is a wonderful book. There are a lot of techniques too, my head was swimming at all the different types of stitches and designs in the book. If you haven’t seen it, yet, check out this link. I honestly think there is something for every knitter in this book – and Kelbourne Woolens just rocks!

I’ve also come to love The Fibre Company yarns and made these lovely fingerless gloves (post coming soon) using “Road to China Light.” Oh, how wonderful their yarn is to pet, work with, and wear.

If you want to know more about the beautiful Kate Osborne and Courtney Kelley, you can always check out what they’ve created on Ravelry.

Back to my awesome knit up sweater on a dreary day,
-Stacy C.

Yarn Farts – Kinda Like the Brain Ones

2 May

Well my yarn peeps. I kind of feel like I’m letting you down.

“Why?!” “What do you possibly mean?!”

I wanted to write another post last week and then have one fresh and ready yesterday. I have ideas but I haven’t gotten around to finishing the projects…


Lace, so pretty it sucks you in.

It’s like this: I’m not really trying anything new right now. I feel like I don’t have much to add to the blog I try to keep fresh and insightful; however, I’m having a lot of fun re-using patterns. I don’t normally re-make the same thing, but with my Etsy shop I’ve had some success posting similar items. Also, I want to revisit some techniques to get better and more proficient.

Right now I’m making a leaf lace scarf and revisiting the concentration that is the dainty knitting project. I have to count EVERYstitch and follow the pattern like a TelePrompTer. Not easy – but challenging! Now I know why it’s worth buying the completed delicate knit items from stores. But then I know what the third world workers feel like… It’s an internal conflict.


It's a start! But SO slow.

Also, I’ve been kind of busy making items for the procreated. What’s with everyone having babies?! I don’t like to make baby clothes, so I tend to make blankets or booties – again, takes time and/or concentration.

Not getting stuck in a rut is important, but I’m reassuring myself it’s ok to revisit a skill – like perfecting a game level! Ok, watching seasons of “The Guild” on Netflix was a mistake for this non-gamer.P.S. Going to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend. MUCH will be written about that adventure.

Back to my lace sweat shop,
-Stacy C

Juliet, oh Juliet, let Down your Yarn

22 Aug

Wrap finished before blocking

This posted gem is about the “Juliet Scarf” pattern from “Knitting Little Luxuries” and my adventures turning it in a wrap Juliet Capulet would have rocked before her whole death by poison thing.

It took a while, but I was able to finish my beautiful wrap in almost two months. It was hard for me to find an actual wrap pattern and I ended up using a scarf pattern and making it bigger through repetitions. When I cast on I tripled the instructions by repeat a row three times before going to the next row. For example, row one was knitted exactly the same way three times before I reached the end, turned and started on row two. I think the evolved look of the pattern still holds the great look with a lacy pattern effect.

A couple of tips for this pattern, make sure you can concentrate and know how the pattern section should look.

Pattern Flower

This pattern isn’t hard, the biggest stitches you have to learn (or do) are the SSK and the PSSO. Silly me thought this meant I didn’t have to pay attention and could knit this on my great travel expedition of 2011 of planes, trains and automobiles. Let the record show I ripped enough to make several wraps. If you mess up at certain points of the pattern it will show and, if you’re like me, that drives you nuts. This is especially true when the ladder looking section instead resembles stairs.

This brings me to my next tip, know how the pattern is supposed to look. There is a chart on the pattern I really needed colored in and not pay attention to the stitches (though this is helpful, check it out, learn it) to show me how the knitted section is supposed to look. This wasn’t just for my knitting perfectionism but to help me know right away of making a stitch mistake. It’s much more helpful to fix a knitted mistake right away with this pattern than frog and go back. Some times I had to frog past the mistake because I couldn’t

Toggle button sewn onto flower

figure out what I did wrong.

The flower is another part that tripped me up. I’ve actually used the flower pattern from this project in the past and always had problems getting it right. I finally figured out how the wrap stitch works, maybe I can make it clearer.

Finished wrap looking mighty fine.

When you knit the first 24, pull the yarn forward, slip the next stitch to the right needle,

pull the yarn back. Then you turn around your work, slip your stitch back onto the right needle and pull the yarn back. THEN you start kitting the 24 stitches again. It’s hard at first, but once you figure it out, it looks as lovely as the one I made.

I added a toggle button at the back so I could use the flower “button” as a way to secure the wrap but still look really styling.

Feel free to leave comments if you get tripped up or need clarification on this pattern.

Dreaming of cooler weather,
-Stacy C

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