It was a Scary YarnFix Moment

27 Mar

It’s Spring Semester and nearly the end of the year. We are certainly feeling it at work and last week was ROUGH. I started off the week with a super cute haircut and was feeling pretty good about the week; however, things got rough quickly.

Super Cute Haircut

I was deflated about a critique on a great event; a co-worker left suddenly and I was called in to work Saturday; I filled in for her absence and did my work as well; was faced with a dead squirrel as first order of business on Friday; and had to work late Friday then come back Saturday morning.

In the midst of all this craziness, I decided Thursday night, when I had 30 minutes to spare between work, Jaci and Bible Study, I was going to use a Lenten “pass” and get yarn for my super cute Easter Cloche crochet hat project. I mean, look at it, how could it not be amazing?!

Well, the therapy trip was kind of a disaster, as Susann can tell you. I was on the phone with her super excited that Stitch Nation Yarns were on super sale in the clearance section of the store. This was the yarn that I needed t o get for my cloche, great, I can hit this sale, and then get the color I want in the regular price section – WRONG! This great gift was just another punch in the gut. The store (AC Moore) is no longer carrying the line of yarns. Hence, they didn’t have my color! I was beside myself, they didn’t carry much wool, I couldn’t find the color I wanted with what they did have – WHY?! It was like the overstressed lady who went to get olives at the store and couldn’t find the right ones, then she has a breakdown in the aisle. I didn’t have a complete breakdown by consoling myself with carrying the sale yarns to the checkout. The soft fluffiness of super sales was a soothing balm. Poor Susan was on the phone talking to me trying to come up with ideas and I was just getting more and more panicked. I still chuckle at the, “uh, oh, um, where are you? I really don’t know what to do right now. Are there other yarns there? Look at the yarns!” from Susann’s voice in my ear while I was prowling the aisles. I eventually decided on Pattons Classic Yarn – a sturdy back up.

But the drama wasn’t just from the week I was having, it was what I’ve already gone through to make this project happen. My yarn obsession is alive and well even in crochet.

© Crochet Today!

I saw this Fine Feathered Cloche pattern on while looking for a cute cloche pattern (due to the cute new hair cut) for Easter. I just kept coming back to this pattern, then decided I was going to make it and realized it came from a magazine issue two years ago! What was I going to do?! Well, I looked everywhere and could only find it for $14 – not gonna happen for one pattern. I was able to find a .pdf preview of it (never you mind how) and was able to blow up the .pdf on my computer and take pictures on my iPhone – that is DIY in a technology age.

I have the pattern, partway there, right? Wrong again! (No one’s gonna win this guessing game.) I didn’t have the white wool, I thought I did, but it was more of a tweed color – thanks yarn stash, for NOTHING! Well, I have two skeins of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Yarn in White Frost. It has wool in it, I shall try to felt with it! Luckily, AnteeJan, and her fabulous knitting on the couch teaching prowess, wisely told me to crochet a gauge. I decided she had a point and tried out her wisdom. I was pretty darn pleased I was only an inch off the gauge and threw it in the wash. Five loads later, it had fuzzed a considerable amount but didn’t felt much. NO!!!! At this point, I wasn’t really sure what to do and that lead up to Thursday’s diabolical trip.

All this drama and the hat looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

"The Hat"

Even through it all, I loved working on this project and I’m excited to see the final outcome. I know this isn’t the craziest crochet, or even yarn story! But my advice to all you crocheters/knitters is sometimes, you just need that yarn to make that one project that won’t leave your dreams.

Sigh* The things we do for our yarn addiction,
Stacy C


3 Responses to “It was a Scary YarnFix Moment”

  1. Nancy Burk March 27, 2012 at 11:03 AM #

    Patton’s Classic – always a good choice. That’s a cute hat, but don’t cover that sassy new hair!

    • theyarnfix March 27, 2012 at 11:05 AM #

      It’s for Easter. I’m going to an AME church, the same one Fredrick Douglas used to attend. You HAVE to wear an Easter hat to that church!


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